Dates of Different Olympiads/Examination to be Held During The Session 2012-2013

1. KVS-Junior Science Olympiad - 1st Sunday of August
2. KVS-Junior Maths Olympiad - 1st Sunday of September
3. Green Olympiad - 20th September
4. NTSE (Class-VIII) - 21st September
5. IAPT - 28th November
(Indian Association of Physics Teachers)
- 28th November
  NSEIS National Standard Exam - 28th November
6. NSTSE (Class IX) - 31st January
7. National Science Olympiad - 19th November
8. International Mathematics Olympiad - 10th December
9. International English Olympiad - 29th January
10. National Cyber Olympiad - 9th September
11. All India G.K. Test (Conducted by USO) - 30th January

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